I'm Giulia.



Food is the engine of our hystory and future and its embrace all the disciplines that let me look at the world with an holistic perspective. Re-designing the way we eat is my goal in my private and professional life, thus contributing to the change needed to re-think our food system.


I'm a Food Designer, fascinated by the world of food and communication, I deepened my studies in sociology and anthropology that made my design adopt a holistic approach.

From the first studies for my thesis at Politecnico di Milano I've tried to search my "the medium is a message" finding it in the food paradigm, understood not only as nourishment, but as history, culture, science and art.
Thus I started a new personal and professional "sustainable and conscious" path starting from a project on edible insects as a new source of nourishment. 
It was 2011 and still today I try to convey awareness for a cultural change for a more sustainable future.


Co-founder ENTONOTE - Food&Science Communication

Lecturer at IED Milano

Food and Communication Designer Freelance

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